Church of Assumption of Holy Mary of Perivleptos

The church of Perivleptos, is dedicated to the Dormition of Mary and it is built on a low hill at the southern entrance of the city. Initially there was a Catholic monastery founded by Abbot Epiphanius in 1647.

Abbot Epiphanius (1568-1648) was born in Ioannina, but lived mainly in Venice, where he ran a commercial enterprise with his brother. Although he was not highly educated he arranged for the publication of books at his own expense. Within the Giannina except the Perivleptos church he founded and Epiphanius School. An inscription, near the southern door of koimititriakis today, church Peribleptos informs us that St. Cosmas of Aetolia taught here, on 4 August 1770. The church of Peribleptos was built as a three-aisled domed basilica. The nave is covered with domes, while the sides with lowered domes (oven). The frescoes of the apse were made in 1842 from Ioannina painters Theodosius and his son Constantine as indicated on decorative oval panels shown at the base of the niche, under the representation of the Great High Priest.


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