Ioannina panoramic view - Ioannina castle & lake pamvotida
A centuries old town by a beautiful lake, in a ring of high mountains by the sunny beaches of the Ionian Sea.

So what do you want to do first?


A town built on Egnatia Road that spans two millennia connecting Europe to Asia. With its rich history as a melting pot of traditions and cultures, Ioannina's multicultural characteristics are still visible in everything, from its architecture and traditions, to lifestyle and cuisine.

Six amazing museums, a unique primordial cave, art galleries, twelve churches, one synagogue, sixteen monasteries, twelve well preserved Muslim monuments, and an array of townhouses and public buildings of architectural interest. Where do you want to go first?

The 10min crossing to the Island and a 30min walk on its cobblestone alleys will send you picking up echoes of folk songs and psalms of Christians, Jews and Muslims who lived on this land peacefully for centuries!

Cross dense woodlands and brave deep gorges in off-the-beaten-track adventures; marvel at the stone-built bridges, camp for the night stargazing over towering rock formations before the next morning’s punishing push for the alpine lakes. Anything you want... is in our nature!


10th Ioannina Lake Run

There will be also other races such as power walking at the 30 km route, the races of 10 and 5 km with the lake and the castle of Ioannina in the background, the original “mother with stroller” race, the 1 km race for people with disabilities and, last but not least, a race for children “around…

The North Face Zagori Mountain Running

Ο ορεινός μαραθώνιος (Zagori Mountain Running) διεξάγεται στα Ζαγοροχώρια τα τελευταία πέντε χρόνια το τελευταίο Σαββατοκύριακο του Ιουλίου. Συμμετέχουν πάνω από 1.500 αθλητές, ενώ μαζί με συνοδούς, οικογένειες και θεατές o αριθμός ξεπερνάει τις 5.000.

Η μεγάλη διαδρομή των 80χλμ είναι…


Ioannina, a place of unrivaled beauty, surrounded by unspoiled nature, is the perfect meeting and conference destination.

The town is built on the Egnatia Road that spans two millennia connecting Europe to Asia. Today Egnatia is a state-of-the-art European highway and Ioannina is a proud…