St. Catherine - the Metohi of the Sinai

The Monastery of Saint Catherine is located in the old district of Karavatou, just east of the Archimandreio. It is a monastery of St. Catherine of Sinai. The original church was built in 1771 and renovated in 1801. Between 1872 to 1875 major renovation followed, sponsored by the wealthy Ioannina residents Alexios and Angeliki Papazoglou. Angeliki Papazoglou came from Skamneli. The temple is built in the type of three-aisled basilica with a raised loft on the west side. Among the most remarkable, old icons which are kept in the church is St. Catherine's with scenes from her life, which is attached to the shrine, a work of 1770, sculpture by Kapesovo native painter John Athanasiou. In the church late works of Chionades painters of the early 20th century are kept. From the outbuildings of the monastery the two-storey complex of cells in the northwest of the church and the bell tower - pillar have been preserved, which is formed in the center of the northern part of the precinct. The cells, recently restored, preserve in the ground floor an initial phase of the 18th century, whereas the bell tower is contemporary with the temple.


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