King Pyrros City Central Hotel **

Situated at the heart of the City of Ioannina, King Pyrros hotel, constitutes the perfect destination for work, relation or action. The hotel offers all the amenities to the visitor to enjoy and experience the beauty of the City. Simply furnished and decorated in bright colours, creates a warm atmosphere and a comfortable experience.

The central location of the hotel King Pyrros makes it perfect as everything is within walking distance. It is only a few minutes away from the famous Commercial Centre, the Central Square, Ioannina Castle, and the Pamvotis Lake. The visitor, right at the heart of the city, will be able to delight in the city’s beauties.

King Pyrros is situated in the heart of Ioannina’s commercial, business, as well as cultural life, close to one of the most picturesque areas of the city- the Ioannina Castle & the Historic Centre. Access to almost the entire city center is immediate, even on foot, within a few minutes. Portrays a magnificent view of the famous Ioannina Clock, and provide the live cosmopolitan atmosphere, the refined sense of peacefulness and the traditional warm hospitality.

The style in combination with its strategic position in the heart of the commercial and business centre of the city, make the King Pyrros an ideal destination. The warm atmosphere and the friendly environment will guarantee a pleasant stay.



Epirus – Greece

T. +30 26510 27652

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