InteractivInteractive hall of the History of the Art of Silversmithing-KE.PA.V.I.

The primary purpose of creating this hall (11, Arch. Makariou str.), is to inform visitors about the art of silversmithing, the construction materials and the tools used, through five thematic sections.

The suggested guide begins by watching a video, which deals with the raw materials used, the silver and copper, their origin, their history and their various forms so that they can be used in the production process.

Then the visitors get in touch with the production process of the products, the techniques and the tools that are used.

The third thematic section presents the casting of the products (melting of the raw materials in the crucible and casting of the liquid material in the special molds).

Going to the next topic, visitors enter an interactive hall where they can see up close the process of carving objects as well as some stages of the jewellery making process, while they will have the chance to try making on their own a jewellery using candles. The fifth and last stage includes the tour of the central exhibition space of KE.PA.V.I..


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