Promachonas Litharitsia

Bastion Litharitsia is built on the homonymous small hill, located in a short distance southwest of the Castle. This impressive work, a sample of the late Ottoman fortification was built by Ali Pasha around 1800.

Bastion and a number of other fortifications that were built in the rugged hills between the hill and the Castle, were a protective barrier in front of the Castle of the city, a first line of defense. The masonry of the bastion is of strong rubble. Its ground plan has a roughly rectangular shape and divided into many levels. In the upper part it was equipped with cannons, while in the lower there were gun emplacements. Great monumental double staircase was discovered on the western side during cleanings, made in 1983. Underground with strong vaulted ceiling completed the defensiveness of Bastion. At the hilltop Ali Pasha built, in 1805, a large seraglio, designed by the architect Freywald, who was invited from Vienna with the mediation of Giannioti merchant Ioannis Stavrou. This building, as reported by the British traveler W. Leake, although it was not as spacious as the seraglios of Sultans of the Bosphorus, had magnificent view. Today, in the indoor vaulted spaces of the once powerful bastion there is a café - restaurant.