Monastery of St. John the Baptist

The Monastery is located on the east side of the island just a short distance from the village. Historical data for the foundation come from the autobiography of brothers Theophanes and Nektarios Apsaras, who came from a mainland noble family, whose members held important offices in the city of Ioannina since the Byzantine era. There is no information on the history of the monastery of St. John after its establishment. But it is known that at least since the late 18th century it was associated with the guild of oinopolon (Krasopoulon), which contributed to the painting of the Catholic in 1789, and to the repair of the wallpainting after the disasters the monastery suffered by the sultan's troops in 1821 -1822. This work, carried out in two phases, in 1824 and 1891 contributed the guild of chanitzidon, also connected with the monastery.

The monastery was built in contact with a steep cliff where there was a cave-hermitage of the first monks. The interior of the church is full of wall paintings done in 1789 at the expense of the Abbot Anastasios, Vasilios Valkanos and other members of the guild of krasopoulos, as we are informed by the inscription above the western entrance.The basement cells, to the north of the church are newer and newly reconditioned.


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