Monastery of Diliou or Strategopoulos

The Monastery is located on the west side of the island, in a short distance from the monastery Philanthropists. Little is known about the history of the institution. It is however very likely founded in the 13th century by the family members of Stratigopoulou, as evidenced by its name.

The STRATIGOPOULOU, like Philanthropinoi was one of the noble families from Constantinople who settled in Ioannina after 1204 and has since taken an active and prominent role in the city's administration. During the Turkish occupation, the monastery was connected with the family Diliou, as evidenced by its name. The construction of the ledger should be dated to the late 13th century and is decorated with elegant frescoes, which were recorded in 1542/3, at the expense of "Blessed Niphon and Sophronius" according to the inscription on the southern wall of the narthex.

The iconographic program of the church follows, in general, the established patterns, with full-length saints in the lower zone and scenes from the Life of Christ and the Virgin in the higher zones. It is worthy to note the presence of exergon plaster medals with the figure of Christ on the chest of whole body saints, similar to those found in the monastery Philanthropinon.

However, the theme covering the conch of the apse of the sanctuary, which illustrated the vision of the prophets Ezekiel and Avakoum causes surprise. The two prophets are depicted staring Christ in awe, appearing in glory in the form of the Great Angel House, surrounded by heavenly powers and of the apocalyptic symbols of the four evangelists.

In the cathedral there is a remarkable wooden temple, work made in Epirus' workshops in the end of the 18th -19th century.


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