10th Ioannina Lake Run

There will be also other races such as power walking at the 30 km route, the races of 10 and 5 km with the lake and the castle of Ioannina in the background, the original “mother with stroller” race, the 1 km race for people with disabilities and, last but not least, a race for children “around the streets of the Island”.

All these will take place during a week full of cultural, environmental and scientific events all over the city, in collaboration with the Region of Epirus and the Municipality of Ioannina and supported by local sectors, athletic and cultural associations.

The competition program of the 10th Ioannina Lake Run is formed as follows:

Sunday, September 11

  • 18:30: "I run and walk around the streets of the Island" – Road run 3,600 m. and 1,600 m., at the squares and alleys of the Island.

Saturday, September 17 - Mavili Square

  • 17.30: Lakeside Road 1000 m. for people with disabilities.
  • 18:00: Lakeside Road "Mom - Stroller".
  • 18:30: Race of 5 km.

Sunday, September 18 - Mavili Square

  • 07.00: Power Walking 30 km.
  • 09.00: Lake Run 30 km.
  • 09.15: Race 10km.
  • 12.30: Awards ceremony.