Folklore Museum of Association of Epirotic studies

The foundation of the Folklore Museum "Costas Frontzos" in Ioannina was decided at the initiative of the company Continental studies (E.I.M) and Foundation Studies Ionian and Adriatic Area (I.M.I.A.CH) with an objective for collecting, rescuing and recovering objects of the Continental popular culture.

The objects in the museum most of which have been offered by residents in Epirus, whereas the rest have been bought- gathered at the initiative of the initiator and creator of the Folklore Museum, late Kostas Frontzos, who served as president of E.I.M and IM.I.A.CH since the foundation of both institutions until his death in 1986. In his honor for his offer and work, the boards of both institutions gave the museum his name: Folklore Museum "Costas Frontzos".

The Folklore Museum is housed in a building owned by E.I.M in the city center of Ioannina. It is worth noting that the property was formerly used to house the Teaching School of Ioannina (1913-1936), the Zosimaia Pedagogical Academy High School for Boys and the Technical School of Foremen. In 1976, the E.I.M bought from the State this property, repaired and placed objects of folk art in it.


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