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According to ancient Greek mythology, Dioni was a Titanis, and her parents were the Sky and the Earth. Dioni actually means “the wife of Zeus” and that is why in ancient Greece she was honored along with Zeus in many ritual ceremonies.

In ancient Dodoni, there was a temple dedicated both to her and Zeus, where the oracle asked their advice. Dioni as the wife of Zeus and as the personification of the earth, she was adored by people and honored in many places not only in Dodoni but in ancient Athens as well.

Dioni Hotel is situated between the historical centre and the city centre of Ioannina. Within walking distance are some of the most impressive cultural sites, the beautiful Pamvotis Lake, the Island, as well as the shopping & commercial centre. In less than an hour drive, the most picturesque areas of Epirus are unveiled.

The excellent hospitality and the services we offer to our clients all these years, will make the experience in Dioni Hotel and in Ioannina city unforgettable and unique. Our aim is to make your seizure here comfortable and relaxed. The visitors’ immediate and excellent service is a priority.



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