Essence Modern Design Hotel ****

Essence Hotel is located in the City of Ioannina just minutes away from the city centre and next to Ioannina International Airport. The materials, especially chosen make the visitor feel warmth and familiarity. An ideal location in the heart of Epirus, providing unique transport capabilities, to Perama cave, to Ioannina city & the Pamvotis Lake, and the Traditional Villages of Zagori.

Close your eyes and imagine the ideal living space, were the senses are at their peak and the modern design dominates. Were the light plays games and creates a unique mood. Were people know about courtesy, high quality service and discretion, making your stay an unforgettable experience.

A hotel build with eagerness, knowledge and experience is here to redefine the meaning of Greek hospitality. An ecological hotel that respects the environment and utilizes solar and geothermal energy, with modern design touches. An excellent balance between natural light and cutting edge lighting technologies, bring out the strictly selected decorations that accumulate modern esthetics and design.

Harmony of colors, pop-art, graffiti and high-end architecture, bring out modern living, rediscovering the Greek hospitality. Born out of the passion for perfection and the quest for the perfection, Essence Hotel is here to offer unique experiences. Authentic flavors, Mediterranean scent , combined with excellent service and hospitality, will satisfy even the most demanding pleasure palate seeker.


Epirus – Greece

T. +30 26510 23999

E. [email protected]