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Turkish Library

The Tourkish Library is built close to northwestern Acropolis, and probably linked to Estia and Mendrese (Seminary) of Aslan Pasha, being a religious - educational complex. The designation of the building as a library is due to the large number of manuscripts and printed books, which reportedly were there. The building comprises on the first floor a reading room, two small rooms on either side of the entrance with a narrow aisle between them and an open porch. The latter is formed at the facade of the building on the first floor by columns with arches, which concludes to a stone staircase.

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Zosimaia Education Academy

The building of Zosimaia Pedagogical Academy is the result of a laborious effort of ten years (1927-1937), of the, at the time, Bishop Spyridon Vlachos of Ioannina. The foundation of the complex was in 1930 and was inaugurated on November 8, 1938, feast of benefactor brothers Zosimadon. Scholar of the building was, again, the architect Aristotelis Zachos, and supervising engineer Pericles Melirritos. This project was the last of the stormy Zachos' career, but also the last in which Melirritos actively participated, since both died shortly thereafter.

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